The ultimate introduction to Pygame

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In this tutorial you will learn to create a runner game in Python with Pygame. The game itself isn't the goal of the video. Instead, I will use the game to go through every crucial aspect of Pygame that you need to know to get started. By the end of the video, you should know all the basics to start basically any 2D game, starting from Pong and ending with the first generation of Doom and Wolfenstein

Link to the project folder:

Link to the background music:
Link to the artwork:

0:00:00 intro
0:01:06 How games work
0:05:06 What Pygame does
0:08:08 Creating a blank window (+ clock)
0:22:07 Displaying images (with surfaces)
0:42:22 Basic animations
0:51:28 Rectangles
1:03:47 Collisions with rectangles (+using the mouse)
1:15:38 Drawing with rectangles (+colors)
1:29:35 The player character 1: Keyboard input
1:35:58 The player character 2: Jumping & Gravity
1:44:23 The player character 3: Creating a floor
1:48:17 Creating different game states
1:56:03 Displaying the score (+measuring time)
2:06:15 Transforming surfaces
2:23:50 Better enemy spawn logic (with timers)
2:49:33 Animating the player, the snail and the fly
3:09:01 Using the sprite class (OOP in Pygame)
3:42:57 Adding music

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